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Aspire Health & Fitness is a company specializing in personal training, online personal training, nutrition consulting, and habit-based coaching, based out of Nashua, New Hampshire. Aspire works with clients all over the country using online personal training programs.

Founded, owned, and operated by Michael Wilkie since 2000, Aspire’s mission is to help clients achieve their health and fitness goals, one habit at a time. Through customized workout and nutrition programs and habit-based coaching, Aspire has been able to positively impact the lives of thousands of people, helping them lose thousands of pounds and make healthier choices in their workouts and nutrition.

When Aspire started more than 20 years ago the sole offering was in-person personal training. In 2007, Aspire began offering nutrition consulting and programming, which provided added value for its clients to achieve even greater success with a healthy balance of diet and exercise.

In 2017, Aspire added online personal training and a hybrid package (in-person in conjunction with online) of training services. This allowed Aspire to stay even more connected to its local clients, while also being able to help people around the country achieve their health and fitness goals.

In 2020, Aspire added yet another service to its health and fitness menu: habit-based coaching. Habit-based coaching takes on a “whole-life, whole-person” approach to health and fitness which teaches clients how to stay consistent on their absolute worst days, not just their good days, by overcoming the limits of willpower.

Body Builder doing heavy weight exercise

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Aspire Health & Fitness is dedicated to helping clients achieve their health and fitness goals one habit at a time.

Aspire. To. Be. Better.


Our vision is to help people change the way they think and feel about themselves by changing the way they think and feel about their health and fitness. When a person has “next-level” confidence about the way they look and how they feel about themselves, it can create many other opportunities in their lives, which can give them more meaning and purpose.


We are all unique individuals with different health histories, genetics, backgrounds, family structures, environments, and life experiences.

Customization and a service-oriented mindset is what we pride ourselves in.

We will respect each of my clients as individuals and meet them where they are at.

We will foster an environment of support, integrity, and genuine caring.

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Michael earned an Associates Degree in Small Business Management / Entrepreneurship from Hesser College in 2006 and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Rivier University in 2008. Along with his business education he is also an Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) certified personal trainer. Michael also has certifications as a Nutrition Technician and Weight Room Specialist through AFAA. He is a certified nutrition consultant through the National Academy of Metabolic Sciences (NAMS). He is also a Level 2 certified coach through Precision Nutrition.

In service to his community, Michael was the director of the Battle of the Books program at Bicentennial Elementary School (where his son Ivan attended school),  which is a reading program that encourages kids to read in a fun and competitive environment. The focus of the program is to not only have children read, but to develop better comprehension of what they’re reading.

Michael ran in his first Spartan race in 2014 and again in 2015 and has begun training clients for Spartan races. In 2019 he ran a Spartan race with his (then) 14-year old son, Ivan, his first race. Ivan has developed a passion for obstacle course racing and has begun working out with his dad to improve his performance in future races.

He has conducted various workshops and seminars at local-area businesses and schools, educating the community on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. He has headed up various weight-loss challenges with local corporations challenging their employees to make their health and fitness a priority.

Wilkie’s passion for his clients shows in the way he goes the extra mile for them. Wilkie puts tremendous focus on details and organization. The core belief is that if you are intentional with your mindset and actions toward your goals, the chances of you succeeding are far greater.

“Michael has an uncanny commitment to his clients. He is available 24 hours a day by phone, email or text. His approach to weight loss demanded a commitment from me to be successful. That is just one way that Michael has differentiated himself from the rest. He did not tell me what to eat, but rather set the goals that I needed to meet every day and then it was up to me to plan how to get there. ” — RYAN L.

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